Robocraft Updated with Leaderboards, Weapon Ranking & Much More

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One of the most-played F2P titles on Steam is transformed with gameplay overhaul, reworked maps and new matchmaking system. K developer Freejam today announced that the free-to-play PC robot battling and building game Robocraft has finally entered the beta stage of development, with the launch of its latest big update. This update marks the transition of the game from an Alpha that saw over 10 million player registrations to the fully featured Beta version of the game, paving the way for the launch out of Steam Early Access later this year.

Regularly in the Top 10 F2P game chart on Steam, Robocraft has grown from humble beginnings into a hugely popular game played by millions across the world.

In pre-infinity-update Robocraft we got a very good taste of player-and-party-​centric matchmaking. Robocraft Robocraftgame Twitter – Twitter. The latest Tweets.

Free to play. Submition needs to be reviewed before it it will show on the game’s webpage! With the Premium for Life Pack you can get extra colors for your robot, and give your account a personal flair by uploading your own Avatar, as well as doubling the amount of experience and Robits you receive from battles and quests. These changes were decided on by working closely with the great community members from the ‘Robocraft Balance Patches Discord’ server.

Hey Robocrafters. Hi Robocrafters, i’d like to share the new that there will be a competition ran by the community. Registrations will be open until the 21st of June. Teams should have members. The Game scedule will be published once registration ends, with the aim for the league start in July. The best 3 teams will earn a cosmetic badge ingame. If intrested, please join through this server link.

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The first major update for Robocraft in ! A massive update has just gone live to Robocraft! The team have been working on a new feature which will provide greater progression across all weapon types! That feature is called Weapon Ranking! As you deal damage or heal in matches, your gun will earn XP. If you spend all of your time dealing damage with lasers, the XP you earn in game will be given exclusively to that weapon.

A massive update has just gone live to Robocraft! The team Weapons will now have their own individual matchmaking rating. This means.

When you play Robocraft, you have the choice of building a Robot, modifying an existing Robot in your garage you get five for starters , battle against other Robots in a variety of different game modes, or view community-created Robots in the Factory. What is CPU? Once the CPU limit is reached, players can no longer add new cubes to their robot. What is the Robot CPU limit? Regular game modes have a 2, CPU limit. Megabots have a 10, CPU limit. What are Robits? How do I get more experience points?

Players earn more experience in-game by taking part in both single and multiplayer matches. Having premium purchasable via the in-game store will also give you a 2x XP boost. Players will also earn XP when building Robots. What is the highest Player Level? The highest Player Level you can reach is 10,

Robocraft Infinity Game Modes Update Increases Pace of Play

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The latest free update for Robocraft is now live and brings with it a load of balance changes and Party Matchmaking!

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Robocraft (for PC)

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