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Drums form the essential rhythm and backbone for all types of music, including rock, jazz, country, pop, and classical. You’ll find complete vintage drum sets as well as individual pieces to round out your set on eBay. Yesterday’s drum sets were simple and small compared to today’s elaborate sets. They typically included three pieces 3 pc or four pieces 4 pc , but can sometimes have five pieces 5 pc similar to today’s basic drum sets. Read vintage drum listings carefully and examine accompanying photos to determine what comes with a vintage drum set. Some vintage drum sets only include drums while others come with everything you need to play.

Rogers Plans Come Into Focus + New Drum Mysteries

The cut-away on this butt plate Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare rail system. Provides the drum with floating snares that can be tensioned without applying pressure to the drumhead on drum The Rogers Dyno-Matic throne features a retro leather-like “mushroom” style seat top, swan leg tripod base, and a sturdy spindle-like height adjust

Rogers script logo, oval badge (pre Big “R”). All good. Is there a paper tag glued into the inside of the snare? That can help with IDing Rogers drums sometimes.

Grab the attention of the audience with big powerful graphics! Add visual stage scrims, band banners and concert backdrops to your show! More Info! Custom drum heads will give your band an exciting new look. No matter where you play, you will always look professional. Let’s Start! Connect more with your audience by adding custom grill cloth to your speaker cabinet, combo amp and guitar amplifier head.

I’m Ready! My heads are better than I ever expected. Outstanding work!!! I will be recommending your company to anyone looking for a high-quality product and service. My band Evil Means has a show coming up soon so I will upload action shots for you to use as you please.


Despite this the above method does appear to numbers reasonable results and can be used in conjunction with the timeline below. However, in years rogers serial seem to have been concentrated up to the end of. From around mid some sets have occasional Premier parts. This may take the form of perhaps one or two shells being Premier-made, Birch shell but grain running around the drum and later mahogany. Rogers other sets the mixing of parts is more obvious. Some sets are a jumble of Premier and Rogers parts.

Rogers at Thomann – Europe’s biggest music shop: Spareparts for Drums, Drum Accessories, Drum Hardware and Acoustic Drums.

Sign up Lost password? I know they were bought as a kit, all together. I’m thinking around ? The Dynasonic though, is about a Bruce Interesting. I’m sure the kit was purchased all at once. Maybe they got them some time between those dates, like in ‘ Share [X]. Powered by AkBBS 1.

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The drum was launched in in both a wood and metal shell in varying depths, fitted with a unique snare frame often referred to as a snare cradle. The snare frame that held the snare wires evolved through various versions in an attempt to perfect the set up of the wires. The basic premise was to have a drum with floating snares which could be tensioned without putting any pressure on the head.

This would require the shell to have no snare beds, which were believed to reduce volume and tone and create choking.

The Drums Formerly Known As? Reader Angelo Bregoni wrote to me to ask about this logo that he had seen on the front of Dixon Drums recently.

Engaging and interesting questions to get to know someone. If you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future. The D came with a large set of five ply drums, Dx was a 13″ five ply tom in that set. I did discuss this number series in the guide. The D96xxxx and D97xxxx were used at odd times throughout the XP8 era.

Drums with early period and drums with late period characteristics are both seen. And then, there are unused badges at odd points in the numbering range for these 20, numbers. The best explanation I have is this Here is an exerpt from an email exchange I had with another seller of Rogers unused original badges, these were in the D97xxxx range. I am interested on what possibly was the total serial range of the unused badges?

From the research I have done writing the Big R period dating guide, badges in this range should have been used about There were about badges left on the roll in the late 80s when I acquired them.

How To Inspect Vintage Drums

As the momentum of interest in vintage drums grows more and more, so has the need for knowledge about them. Over the past 7 years, we have inspected thousands of vintage drums and have developed techniques and processes on how to do this effectively. We wanted you to benefit from our experience and have put this system into a written format for you to use. Please keep in mind that although this article is comprehensive in its approach, it does not cover every possible inspection point that exists.

It has two parts: an Inspection Checklist and Instructional Text.

In particular is shows 19drum both having serial numbers in the 52xxxxxx range. I’m thinking that someone may have adjusted.

Rogers Drums is an American multinational drum manufacturer. It was founded in and originally based in Covington, Ohio. Rogers came to the United States and started crafting drum heads. His son began making drums in the mids at a Farmingdale, New Jersey location. The first Rogers drums were assembled from shells and hardware of other manufacturers, but mounted with Rogers heads. Grossman moved the company to Covington, Ohio, and under his leadership Rogers was propelled to the forefront of American drum making for the next decade and a half.

Design engineer Joe Thompson and marketing guru Ben Strauss were instrumental in Rogers’ success during its golden age from the mids to the late s. The company’s drums were embraced by musicians from the dixieland movement to the classic rockers of the s and s. However, the manufacturer was most closely associated with the ” big band ” and swing drummers of the s and s. Rogers is probably most famous for its “Dyna-Sonic” snare drum, which featured a number of innovations.

In particular was a unique cradle in which the snare wires were supported.

Rogers Drums USA

Cooper’s Vintage Drums. Featuring the drums of the E. Kent Manufacturing Company.

DFO or over Rogers Drums – drums dating guidequot or Rogers Snare. If you are its associated design logo, and Local or Rogers Snare Sarah and Joseph.

Welcome to The Rogers Drum Experts! We are here to answer your Rogers drum history questions. There are sections on the history of Rogers Drums, Rogers drum badges and catalog pages on Rogers snare drums as well as Rogers drum sets. These are just a few of the items you will find there. There is a special article on the tuning and set-up of the Rogers Dynasonic snare drum and a complete history of early Rogers Farmingdale Drums. As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site.

Since we can’t list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Rogers Drums and that is the place to get your answers! Thanks for stopping by and take a moment to try some of our special eBay searches on our Shopping page. Please email us with any questions and let us know how we can help you. Search our Network of Sites! Connect Online! Items in our TDE Store. Company names and logos are copyright their respective owners.

The web site is dedicated to the history of the Rogers Drum Company.

Rogers Drums

We are comprised of musicians and craftsmen who share a common bond, the love of music. This bond connects us to our drums and the people who play them. Our goal has always been to build something of lasting value. We are dedicated to making the best drums we possibly can—drums that will outlive us to become a legacy. She, also, is an artist and songwriter Silly Sun , ; Sea Ranch ,

The history of Rogers Drums – The Vintage Drum Guide shows you Rogers Finishes, Rogers Drum Badges, Rogers Drum Set catalog pages, Rogers Snare Drum and Rogers finish pages are also very helpful when dating Rogers Drums.

Welcome to the Vintage Rogers Drum section of the web site. There are a variety of pages dedicated to Rogers drums and if you can’t find the information you require then you can visit the Vintage Drum Forum and contact our resident Rogers Expert TommyP. This page has a variety of Rogers History sections. The Rogers drum badge and Rogers finish pages are also very helpful when dating Rogers Drums. Rogers Drums are considered the best made drums in the 60’s with the best quality control of any of the drum manufactureres of the time.

Rogers fans will strongly support their Swiv-o-matic Hardware. If you have any Rogers questions the drum forum is the place to answer them.

Rogers “5-Line” Dyna-Sonic 5×14″ Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum with Script Logo 1967 – 1974

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Forgot your password? Seller claimed it was from either ’73 or ‘ Said the solid hex shaped Memori-loc tom legs were indicative of pre-’75 Rogers Kits. The bass drum has a grainy finish on the inside of the drum, like a beige granite-like finish. Here’s the sellers pic. Serial number starts with a D. I’ve been married for 11 years now, so I’m kind of out of the dating scene. If you want to ask Roger out, I’d just walk up to him and ask him.

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